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Bountiful Women


Bountiful Women by Bonnie Bernell -
Table of Contents


Foreword by Carmen Renee Berry viii

Preface xi

Section One, Me, Myself, and I 1

Become a Bountiful Woman 3

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall 10

Pampering 21

Section Two, Friends, Foes, and Family 31

Motherrrrrr! Daaaaad! 33

Sisters and Sisters-in-Law 40

Home for the Holidays 51

Friends Who Mean Well 61

Accepting Friends of All Shapes and Sizes 68

Section Three, Bountiful Women on the Move 77

Up, Up, and Away 79

Let's Talk about Tiny Seats 86

Enjoying Exercise? 94

Surviving a Trip to the Doctor 104

All in a Day's Work 113

Eating Out on the Town 126

Assuming the Worst 133

Sticks and Stones 140

Section Four, Romancing and Dancing 151

Bountiful and Sexy 153

To Flirt or Not To Flirt 161

Creating a Safe Place to Meet Interesting People 169

Friends or Lovers? 180

Love Comes in All Sizes 189

It Begins and Ends with You 195

Acknowledgments 200

About the Author 202

About the Press 203


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