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An intelligent and exquisite book which compassionately and positively describes how the reader can become a bountiful woman. This is an inspirational read for anyone, but Dr. Bernell especially encourages large women to become "bountiful women" by learning self acceptance, resolving past and present relationship issues and opening to success in work, friendship and love.

Harville Hendrix, Ph.D., Author of Getting the Love You Want and Keeping the Love You Find.

This bountiful babes' bible is a must-read for every woman who wants to be all she can be!

Pat Love, Ed.D., co-author of Hot Monogamy

Bountiful Women is a delicious gift, a fascinating, must-read, for the bountiful women of the world and the people who love them! An upbeat, wise, and delightfully honest guidebook, it is chock full of practical information and creative strategies for physical and emotional well-being.

It gives the kind of support every large woman needs to take charge of her own life, to know that she is entitled to life's bounty, and to enjoy it to the fullest.

Bonnie Bernell is brilliant, amusing, and deeply understanding as she makes every woman proud to be herself. She shows how to live comfortably. She answers all kinds of questions you never thought to ask. Bonnie deals with subjects as diverse as how to neutralize self-criticism, what to do about the thoughtlessness or outright cruelty of others, how to meet the challenges of a world designed for the small person, or how to include fun or romance as part of life.

This book is truly universal in its implications. Most of us have something we want changed or some goal we feel we must reach before we are ready to live life fully. Many of us put our lives on hold. We're waiting until we've reached this goal whether it's a certain weight, a degree, money, a professional achievement, a level of psychological or spiritual maturity, or wisdom. This book encourages each of us to get on with life, not to wait for some idealized state of perfection or for just the right moment before we are entitled to begin to live.

Get this book and get on with your life; you'll love it!

Hal Stone, Ph.D. & Sidra Stone, Ph.D. Authors of Embracing Our Selves and Partnering: A New Kind of Relationship

We are told that perfecting our bodies will lead to the perfect life - well, these women have had the good sense to spend their time developing real skill at living. Bernell's gift is to make visible the everyday heroines all around us, the large women who prove through their courage, humor, and sheer heart that you do not have to be rich and thin to have a satisfying life. We are all, regardless of size, starving for these stories! I ate it up!

Debora Burgard, Ph.D., Co-author of Great Shape: The First Fitness Guide for Large Women and founder of

Bonnie Bernell celebrates and empowers the lives of all women of bountiful proportions in this life affirming book. It includes 'secrets' that are gems and should be part of every person's emotional tool kit, bountiful women's courageous stories and life experiences, all mixed in with compassion, humor, and wisdom. The reader will find clear paths to satisfying our universal desire for acceptance and belonging.

Joanne Gaffney, R.N., M.S.W.

Bountiful Women provides an incredible harvest for women who desire to accept and enjoy their bodies. The innumerable suggestions following the rich stories in this book are keys to a radiant life. This book is inspirational and yet practical--a wonderful resource for claiming energy, creativity, and joy, whatever your size.

Lana L. Holstein, M.D., Director, Women's Health, Canyon Ranch Health Resort, Author of How to Have Magnificent Sex

A life-changing book for anyone who's self worth is tied to a perfect body image. Bountiful Women is a must read for women who desire to break free of negative beliefs about their body and to experience positive and healthy self acceptance.

Joyce Nelson Patenaude, Ph.D., Author of Too Tired to Keep Running, Too Scared to Stop / Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life

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