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Finding a Therapist in Your Area


If you decide that you would be helped by seeing a therapist to talk about some of the barriers you have to living a bountiful life, please make sure to see someone who is supportive of your life choices. To assure their competence and acceptance of whatever personal choices you are making, it is sometimes helpful to screen therapists by asking some questions on the telephone and/or meeting with them, for a brief session, in person.

Some questions that occur to me are as follows. Of course, though, it is important the fit and comfort with that person be just right. Do not settle for a therapist with whom you do not feel and are not being yourself. Remember, the relationship you have with that person should be one that is a true partnership. You bring what you know about you. That person, woman or man, brings what s/he knows about other important things.

Possible questions.

• When you/the therapist meet with a large (use whatever word works for you) person, what is your first thought about what they need to do to have a good life?

• When you/the therapist meet with a large person for therapy, what, if anything, do you think is the meaning of "my" body size?

• Do you/the therapist assume that there has to be a psychological problem associated with this body size?

• How do you/the therapist determine success of treatment? Does it have to include weight loss?

• When you meet a large potential client, do you/the therapist think to yourself, why doesn't s/he lose weight? That would make her life so much better.

• Are you/the therapist familiar with the research on the failure of dieting?

• Are you/the therapist familiar with the research on the value of movement at any size?


To Therapists

Along with some of my professional colleagues, I shall be offering some on-line consultation and support to those of you who may want to provide services to bountiful women. Please contact me for further information.


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