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Tips for a Bountiful Holiday


Some practical ideas and strategies . . .

• Bring along a friend to a holiday gathering, one who can act as a "buffer" between you and difficult relatives, and with whom you can "debrief" after the event.

• Eat as you please--don't deny yourself that second piece of pumpkin pie because you're afraid of what others may say. This is a holiday for you too, and you're allowed to celebrate just like anyone else!

• Practice visualizing your supportive friends and family. If you encounter a critical guest or relative, "walk on by." Focus on the joy and warmth of the holidays!

• For family gift exchanges that feature clothing, suggest gift certificates from stores that carry larger sizes instead of giving out your dress size.

That way you can still participate in the family traditions but not have to submit personal information.

• Lighten up. So what: if you're large, you're large! You know it and they know it, so relax, enjoy yourself and participate.

• If someone is truly insulting or abusive, you might want to:

a. have a good cry, in private--it will relieve your tension;

b. talk to someone who cares about you;

c. tell that person that you're not comfortable with how they are speaking to you, and that you'd like to be left alone;

d. make yourself useful in the kitchen, playing with kids, etc.

• Remember, forgiveness does not necessarily mean forgetting or absolving people for what they have done; forgiveness is feeling peaceful yourself.

• Feelings are energy. Let that energy move you forward in bountiful ways.


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